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Download Master is a free powerful and feature-rich download manager software designed to enhance and optimize your downloading experience. It offers a wide range of features that improve download speeds, organization, and convenience, making it an essential tool for efficient file downloading from the internet...

Here are some additional details about some of the features of Download Master Free:

Speed acceleration: Download Master Free uses dynamic multi-threading to accelerate downloads. This means that it can download multiple parts of a file at the same time, which can significantly improve download speeds. 

Resuming broken downloads: Download Master Free can resume downloads that have been interrupted. This is useful if your download is interrupted due to a network problem or a power outage. Download Master Free will automatically resume the download from where it left off.

Video and audio downloads: Download Master Free can download videos and audio files from a variety of websites. It also supports downloading 4K and FullHD video from video services. This makes it a great choice for downloading high-quality video and audio content.

Browser integration: Download Master Free integrates with popular browsers, such as Internet Explorer, Firefox, Google Chrome, Edge, Apple Safari, Mozilla, Opera, Vivaldi, Yandex.Browser, and Nescape. This allows you to download files directly from

your browser without having to open Download Master Free first.

Tools: Download Master Free includes a variety of tools, such as an FTP Explorer, a site manager for passwords and download folders management, a scheduler, a dialer for dial-up connection, a search for files, programs, games, and music, and DM

Bar - a toolbar for Internet Explorer and Firefox.

The benefits of using Download Master Free include:

Enhanced Download Speeds: Dynamic multithreaded download technology significantly increases download speeds, saving you time.

Resilience and Continuity: Resume broken downloads and automatic restarts ensure that your downloads continue without interruptions.

Efficient Scheduling: Scheduled operations and automatic shutdown features let you manage downloads even when you're away from the computer.

Optimized Connection Settings: Tailored settings for various connection types ensure you get the best performance.

Convenient Organization: Download lists, category management, and archive handling contribute to an organized downloading experience.

Versatility and Integration: The software integrates with popular browsers, anti-virus programs, and messenger apps, enhancing its functionality.

Flexibility and Mobility: The portable version lets you carry Download Master on a flash drive and use it on different computers without installation.

Privacy and Security: The portable version doesn't impact system registries, maintaining privacy and security on shared computers.

Rich Multimedia Support: Download videos, audio, and multimedia content with ease.

Streamlined Download Management: With features like drag-and-drop support and download category tools, managing downloads becomes efficient.

Download Verification: Check downloaded files for updates and verify their integrity with MD5 and SHA1 checksums.

Overall, Download Master Free is a powerful and versatile download manager that offers a variety of features to help you download files quickly and easily. It is a great choice for anyone who wants to download files without having to pay for a premium download manager.

Download Master - cchangelog:

BitTorrent support added (using a third-party plug-in).

.torrent files and magnet links association added.

Improved video, music, and podcasts downloading.

Improved work with MD5 checksums.

Bugs fixed.

Install version:

Size: 9.15 MB - Download

Portable version:

Size: 8.66 MB - Download