AXshield screenshot

AXshield is a secure and encrypted one-click connection Virtual Private Network (VPN). The app provides users with the freedom to access content from around the world, fight censorship, enhance online security and anonymity...

AXshield is equipped with full device end–to–end encryption, protecting all users’ online activities with the added benefit of never collecting, storing or selling any of their browsing logs. AXshield has a built-in ‘Kill Switch’ for enhanced security, and an ever growing list of free servers worldwide to connect with.

AXshield is the perfect tool for anyone who wants to keep their online activity private from would-be sleuths or bad actors. With just one click, you can connect to a secure and encrypted VPN that will mask your IP address and location. This makes it incredibly unlikely for anyone to track your online activities or invade your privacy while using applications or platforms connected to the internet.

AXshield is the perfect solution for anyone who wants to stay anonymous online and keep their privacy protected at all times.


Zero cost:
AXshield users pay nothing, with no strings attached.

Lightning quick:
AXshield provides all the benefits associated with VPNs without significantly sacrificing speed or slowing down your devices.

Stable and reliable:
Stay connected and protected across all of your devices without having to worry about floundering signals or a lack of bandwidth.

Full device encryption:
All incoming and outgoing network traffic is automatically encrypted and sent to secure servers before reaching outgoing networks or your devices.

No data logging:
Unlike big tech and for-profit corporations, AXIA does not log or retain the data created by users of AXshield outside of crash logs.

One-click connection:
AXshield is highly user-friendly: simply download the app for any device and connect to servers around the world via a seamless one-click connection.

Built-in Kill Switch:
Another layer of security is delivered via a custom Kill Switch that is built into AXshield in the unlikely event of a connection drop.

IP rerouting:
Shuffle through different IP addresses to enhance your privacy and avoid any type of tracking.

Size: 45.28 MB