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Krita is a professional-grade, free and open-source digital painting program meticulously crafted by artists with a vision to provide accessible art tools for all. It is tailored specifically for digital artists, offering a versatile platform for creating stunning digital artwork. With cross-platform compatibility, Krita is an end-to-end solution that empowers artists to produce digital art files from scratch...

It is optimized for extended, focused use, with a particular emphasis on fields like illustrations, concept art, matte painting, textures, comics, and animations.

Features of Krita:

Brushes and Brush Engines: Krita offers an extensive collection of customizable brushes and a powerful brush engine, enabling artists to simulate various traditional and digital art techniques.

Vector Tools: Users can seamlessly switch between raster and vector-based artwork creation, enhancing their versatility in digital art projects.

Layer Management: Krita provides robust layer management, including layer masks, grouping, blending modes, and advanced selection options for precise control over compositions.

Color Management: It supports advanced color management, ensuring accurate color representation across different devices and color spaces.

Symmetry and Mirroring: Krita's symmetry tools facilitate the creation of symmetrical artwork, ideal for patterns and intricate designs.

Animation Tools: Artists can produce frame-by-frame animations within Krita, offering a comprehensive solution for 2D animation projects.

HDR Support: Krita allows users to work with High Dynamic Range (HDR), resulting in visually striking and vibrant artwork.

Filter and Mask Options: A wide range of filters and masks are available for applying various effects and adjustments to artwork.

Resource Manager: Artists can import brushes, textures, gradients, and more directly within the software, expanding their creative toolkit.

Customizable User Interface: Krita's user interface is highly customizable, allowing users to create their own workspaces and shortcuts for commonly used tools.

Advantages of Using Krita:

Free and Open-Source: Krita is a powerful professional tool that is completely free and open-source, ensuring accessibility to artists of all backgrounds and budgets.

Community-Driven Development: Developed by artists for artists, Krita continuously evolves with the active input of its dedicated user community, resulting in a tool that genuinely caters to artists' needs and workflows.

Optimized for Artistic Use: Krita is designed for frequent, prolonged, and focused artistic use, offering an environment where artists can immerse themselves in their creative processes.

Versatile Artistic Fields: Krita explicitly supports a wide range of artistic fields, making it adaptable for diverse creative pursuits, from concept art to animations.

Clean and Customizable Interface: Its intuitive and customizable interface allows artists to tailor their workspace for maximum efficiency, enhancing the creative experience.

Animation Capabilities: Krita's animation tools transform it into a full-fledged animation studio, making it easy to bring drawings to life and share them with others.

Enhanced Productivity: Drawing assistants, robust layer management, color management, and other features contribute to increased productivity and streamlined workflows.

File Compatibility and HDR: Krita supports a wide range of file formats, including the unique ability to work with HDR and scene-referred images, enhancing creative possibilities.

Scripting and API Support: Artists can extend Krita's functionality and create custom tools through Python scripting, offering flexibility and customization options.

Abundant Training Resources: Krita provides a wealth of training materials and produces its own training content, ensuring users can quickly master the tool and unleash their creativity.

In conclusion, Krita's combination of professional-grade features, community-driven development, customization options, versatility across artistic fields, and extensive training resources make it a standout choice for digital artists looking for a powerful and accessible digital painting program.

Download Krita:

Krita version 5.2.3 - For windows 64 bit:

Install version - Size: 145.19 MB - Download

Portable version - Size: 196.12 MB - Download

Krita version 4.4.3 - For windows 32 bit: 

Size: 115.98 MB - Download