Aurora 3D Presentation screenshot
Aurora 3D Presentation

Aurora 3D Presentation is a user-friendly and versatile software designed for creating stunning, interactive, and immersive 3D presentations. It stands out as the most easy-to-use 3D interactive presentation creation tool, offering a range of features to quickly design business presentations, touch screen interactive presentations, 3D product showcases, animated videos, and other multimedia content...

With the ability to export presentations as executable (.exe) files or videos, Aurora 3D Presentation provides an ideal solution for distributing engaging content to customers and audiences.

Aurora 3D Presentation Key Features:

Generate 3D Interactive Program (.Exe File):

Create interactive programs with ease, allowing users to navigate through content seamlessly.
Export presentations as executable (.exe) files for standalone interactive experiences.

Export Video:

Export presentations as videos for easy sharing and distribution across various platforms.

3D Interactive Event:

Incorporate interactive events within the 3D presentation, enhancing viewer engagement.

3D Model:

Integrate 3D models to bring depth and realism to the presentation visuals.

Image Wall:

Arrange and showcase images in an organized and visually appealing manner.


Provide intuitive navigation tools to guide viewers through the presentation.

Dynamic Background:

Create dynamic backgrounds that add vibrancy and interest to the overall presentation.

3D Shape:

Utilize tools for the creation and manipulation of 3D shapes within the presentation.


Add textual elements with a range of customization options, including fonts, styles, and animations.

3D Animation Table:

Create animated tables in 3D, adding dynamic elements to data representation.

3D DataGraph:

Visualize data effectively with 3D graphs and charts for impactful communication.


Integrate particle effects for added visual appeal and dynamic motion.

Shapes Style:

Customize the style of shapes used in the presentation for a cohesive visual experience.

Text Style:

Fine-tune text styles to align with the overall design and branding of the presentation.

Colors and Textures Setting:

Have precise control over colors and textures, allowing for a visually cohesive presentation.


Include tooltips to provide additional information or guidance, enhancing the user experience.

Additional Details:

Ease of Use:

Positioned as the most user-friendly 3D interactive presentation creation software. While the interface may seem somewhat dated, it remains intuitive and accessible.


Suitable for a wide range of applications, including business presentations, educational materials, marketing demos, and product showcases.

Learning Curve:

Basic features are straightforward, but mastering advanced capabilities may require some time and practice.


Runs on both Windows and Mac platforms, ensuring flexibility for users.


Various pricing plans, including a free trial, cater to different needs and budgets.

In conclusion, Aurora 3D Presentation stands out as a powerful and versatile tool that empowers users to create visually stunning and engaging 3D presentations. With its diverse set of features and export options, it offers a dynamic solution for those looking to elevate their presentation content and captivate their audience.

Size: 77.94 MB