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ActivePresenter Free is a versatile and user-friendly e-learning and screen recording software. With powerful features like screen recording, video editing, and interactive elements, it's ideal for educators, trainers, and businesses looking to create high-quality screencasts, tutorials, and presentations...

The software's intuitive interface and rich functionality make it a valuable tool for creating engaging multimedia content without the need for a steep learning curve or cost. Whether you're a teacher, a corporate trainer, or an online content creator, ActivePresenter Free is a reliable choice to enhance your e-learning projects.

With this app, users can:

Design interactive courses.

Build interactive software simulations.

Develop assessments and educational games.

Create or record videos.

Convert existing PowerPoint presentations to eLearning courses.

ActivePresenter has a wide range of features that make it a powerful tool for creating eLearning content. These features include:

Drag-and-drop editor:

ActivePresenter has a drag-and-drop editor that makes it easy to create interactive content. You can simply drag and drop objects and widgets onto the canvas, and then configure their properties.

Variety of objects and widgets:

ActivePresenter has a variety of objects and widgets that can be used to create interactive content. These include buttons, text boxes, images, videos, charts, and more.

Powerful scripting engine:

ActivePresenter has a powerful scripting engine that allows users to create custom interactions. This means that you can create any type of interaction that you can imagine, such as drag-and-drop puzzles, multiple-choice quizzes, and interactive simulations.

Variety of output formats:

ActivePresenter can export your projects to a variety of output formats, including HTML5, SCORM, and xAPI. This means that your projects can be played on a variety of devices, including computers, tablets, and smartphones.

Built-in screen recorder:

ActivePresenter has a built-in screen recorder that allows you to record videos of your screen and webcam. This is a great way to create video tutorials or software simulations.

Video editor:

ActivePresenter also has a video editor that allows you to edit your videos, add annotations, and create quizzes. This makes it easy to polish your videos and make them more engaging.

If you are looking for a powerful tool for creating eLearning content, then ActivePresenter is a great option. It is easy to use, has a wide range of features, and can be used to create a variety of interactive content.

Let's explore some of its pros:


ActivePresenter Free provides a comprehensive set of tools for screen recording, video editing, and adding interactive elements like quizzes, annotations, and branching scenarios. This makes it suitable for various e-learning projects, software simulations, tutorials, and presentations.

Intuitive Interface:

The software offers an intuitive and user-friendly interface, making it accessible to both beginners and experienced users. You can quickly navigate through the features and create content without a steep learning curve.

Powerful Screen Recording:

ActivePresenter Free allows you to capture your screen with various options, including full motion recording, webcam recording, and audio narration. It's a valuable tool for creating instructional videos and software demonstrations.

Interactive Elements:

The ability to add quizzes, interactivity, and annotations to your videos enhances learner engagement and allows for better knowledge retention.

Exporting Options:

ActivePresenter Free supports a wide range of output formats, including video (MP4, AVI, WebM), images (PNG, JPEG), and HTML5 for web publishing. This flexibility ensures compatibility with various devices and platforms.


As the name suggests, ActivePresenter Free is available at no cost, which makes it an attractive option for users on a budget.

In summary, ActivePresenter Free is an excellent choice for creating e-learning content and instructional videos with its rich set of features, intuitive interface, and no-cost access.

ActivePresenter - Changelog:

Bugs Fixed:

Timeline playhead and range handles don't show the timestamp when dragging.

Text justification works incorrectly.

[HTML5]: Video closed caption may show incorrectly if there are many video objects.

[Import PowerPoint]: Some minor bugs fixed.

Download ActivePresenter:

ActivePresenter v9.1.5 for windows 64 bit:

Size: 72.81 MB - Download

ActivePresenter v6.1.6 for windows 32 bit:

Size: 34.79 MB - Download