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Logyx Pack

Logyx Pack is a freeware application for Windows that bundles over 150 different logic and arcade games into a single, portable package. It's a treasure trove for anyone seeking a diverse and mentally stimulating gaming experience, from classic brain teasers to action-packed arcade favorites...

Let's delve deeper into its features and functionalities:

Games Galore:


The pack boasts an impressive spectrum, ranging from logic puzzles like Sudoku, Mahjong, and Minesweeper to strategy games like Chess, Checkers, and Go. You'll also find arcade classics like Tetris, Pong, and Solitaire, along with card games, word puzzles, and even more obscure gems.


Many games offer adjustable difficulty levels, board sizes, and other settings to cater to different skill levels and preferences.

Offline Play:

Logyx Pack is completely portable, requiring no installation and running seamlessly without an internet connection. Perfect for keeping yourself entertained on the go!

Additional Features:

Intuitive Interface:

Navigating the vast collection is effortless with a clean and easy-to-use interface. You can browse games by category, search for specific titles, and easily switch between them.

Descriptions and Help:

Unsure about a game's rules? Most titles include helpful descriptions and even in-game tutorials to get you started.

Multiplayer Fun:

Some games, like Chess and Checkers, support playing against friends locally or online.

Lightweight and Portable:

The entire pack comes in under 5 MB, making it easy to store and run even on older machines.

Beyond the Basics:

Hidden Gems:

Logyx Pack also introduces you to lesser-known but equally engaging games like Binaroku, JBlocks, and NimJump, expanding your gaming horizons.

Regular Updates:

The developer actively releases updates with new games and bug fixes, ensuring a constantly evolving and fresh experience.

What's Missing?

While Logyx Pack offers an abundance of fun, it does have some limitations:

Limited Control Options:

Some games lack advanced customization options found in dedicated titles.

Graphics & Sound:

Don't expect cutting-edge visuals or audio; most games maintain a simple, classic aesthetic.

No Mobile Version:

Currently, Logyx Pack is only available for Windows PCs.

Overall, Logyx Pack is a fantastic, free option for anyone seeking a diverse and brain-teasing gaming experience. Its portability, vast game selection, and adjustable difficulty levels make it suitable for all ages and skill levels. So, dive into the world of Logyx Pack and discover your next favorite mental challenge!

Here are some of the games that were part of the Logyx Pack:

Peg Solitaire:

A classic solitaire game where the goal is to eliminate pegs by jumping over them with other pegs until only one peg remains.


A game played on a board with 8x8 squares, where players try to capture their opponent's pieces by moving diagonally.

Crazy Chess:

A chess variant with unconventional starting positions and additional pieces.

Logic Trainer:

A set of logic puzzles to challenge your thinking and problem-solving skills.


A turn-based strategy game where two players control armies and try to defeat each other.

Slide Puzzle:

A classic sliding puzzle game where you rearrange tiles to form a picture.


A two-player game where each player takes turns placing a piece on the board, trying to create a line of four of their pieces while blocking their opponent.


A puzzle game where the goal is to recreate a given pattern using different-shaped pieces.


A game where players take turns choosing squares on a grid, trying to form a line of their own pieces.

Cross Lines:

A puzzle game where you connect dots to create a closed loop.


A strategic guessing game where players try to sink each other's fleet of ships.

These are just a few examples, and Logyx Pack may include additional games and features.

Download Logyx Pack:

Size: 3.84 MB


Mirror link: Download