TinyWall screenshot

TinyWall is a lightweight, user-friendly, and secure firewall for Windows. It is also completely free. It includes a combination of features that sets it apart from both commercial and freeware firewalls...

TinyWall does not annoy you with popups at all, yet it is still extremely easy to add exceptions to your firewall rules.
TinyWall actively blocks hundreds of trojans, viruses and worms.
TinyWall does not require you to know about ports, protocols and application details.
TinyWall prevents malicious programs from modifying the settings of Windows Firewall.
TinyWall does not install drivers or other kernel components, is free and lightweight.


Multiple and easy ways to whitelist programs.
Automatic learning mode.
Firewall tampering protection.
Password lockdown of settings.
Windows Store & UWP support.
Support for both WSL and WSL 2.
Support for whitelisting processes from network shares.
Various quick-modes, like standard, only-outgoing, block all, etc.
Support for temporary/timed firewall rules.
Integrated port and domain blocklists.
Hosts file protection.
Boot-time filtering.
Filtering of promiscuous apps.
Port-scan prevention.
Option to always allow communication within LAN.
Option to restrict an application to the LAN.
Recognition of safe software and impostors.
Full IPv6 support.
Can list established and blocked connections.
Can list open ports on your machine.
No telemtery, no data collection.
100% free and clean software. No fees, no ads, no paid upgrades.

TinyWall - Changelog:

TinyWall is now open-source.
Add GitHub button to Settings window.
Change license to GPLv3.
Fix Korean localization not loading.
Update Chinese localization.

Size: 1.75 MB