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FontViewOK is a free software designed to help users view and manage fonts on their Windows operating system. It provides a straightforward and user-friendly interface to preview and compare fonts, making it easier for users to choose the most suitable font for their projects...

Features of FontViewOK:

Font Preview:

FontViewOK allows users to preview fonts in a clear and organized manner, displaying the text in various font styles and sizes.

Custom Text:

Users can input custom text to see how it appears in different fonts, helping them assess the font's suitability for specific projects.

Comparison Mode:

The software enables users to compare multiple fonts side by side, facilitating an easy and direct comparison of their appearance.

Font Filtering:

Users can filter fonts based on specific criteria such as font style (regular, bold, italic), font size, font family, and more, streamlining the font selection process.

Character Map:

FontViewOK includes a character map feature, allowing users to view all the characters associated with a particular font.

Zoom In and Out:

Users can zoom in and out to get a closer or broader view of the font, helping them analyze finer details.

Color Customization:

Users can customize the font color, background color, and other display options, tailoring the preview to their preferences.

Simple Interface:

FontViewOK offers a simple and intuitive interface, making it easy for users of all levels of expertise to navigate and use effectively.

Here are advantages of using FontViewOK:

Efficiency in Font Selection:

FontViewOK allows users to quickly and efficiently browse through fonts, previewing them in real-time with custom text. This enhances productivity by reducing the time spent searching for the perfect font.

Simplified Comparison:

The comparison mode in FontViewOK simplifies the font selection process by presenting fonts side by side, helping users make informed decisions by directly observing differences and similarities.

Optimized Font Exploration:

Users can explore fonts based on specific attributes, such as style and size, making it easier to find the ideal font for their design or document.

Enhanced Visual Assessment:

The ability to zoom in and customize colors allows for a more detailed and accurate visual assessment of the font, ensuring a precise understanding of how the font will appear in the final work.

Streamlined Character Exploration:

The character map feature aids in exploring and understanding the available characters within a font, enhancing usability and versatility when choosing fonts for specific projects.

FontViewOK is a valuable tool for anyone involved in design, typography, or document creation, providing an efficient and user-friendly way to work with fonts and optimize font selection for various projects.

FontViewOK - Changelog:

General fine-tuning and improvements in FontViewOK for all MS Windows operating systems.

Important update of the language files.

Download FontViewOK:

Download FontViewOK:

For windows 32 bit:

Install version - Size: 327.99 KB - Download

Portable version - Size: 327.97 KB - Download

For windows 64 bit:

Install version - Size: 415.55 KB - Download

Poertable version - Size: 415.53 KB - Download