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Evernote Free is a popular note-taking and organization application that offers a range of features to help individuals capture, organize, and manage their digital information. While it has a premium subscription option, the free version provides a robust set of tools for users to enhance their productivity and stay organized...

Features of Evernote:

Note Creation: Evernote Free allows users to create and edit notes, supporting various content types, including text, images, audio recordings, PDFs, and documents.

Cross-Platform Compatibility: Users can access their Evernote notes and data on a wide range of devices, including smartphones, tablets, computers, and web browsers. It offers seamless synchronization to ensure notes are always up to date.

Organization Tools: Evernote provides tools for tagging, categorizing, and organizing notes. Users can create notebooks and use tags to structure their content and easily locate specific information.

Search Functionality: The application offers powerful search capabilities, providing quick and accurate results as users type. It can even search within scanned documents and images.

Web Clipper: Evernote's Web Clipper browser extension allows users to save web articles, pages, screenshots, and other online content directly to their Evernote account for later reference.

Collaboration: Users can collaborate with others by sharing individual notes or entire notebooks. This is beneficial for group projects, brainstorming, and sharing ideas.

Reminders and Alerts: Evernote Free includes a reminder feature, enabling users to set due dates and receive notifications for important tasks and notes.

Offline Access: Notes can be downloaded for offline access, ensuring users can view and edit their content even without an internet connection.

Note Encryption: Users can password-protect individual notes to enhance the privacy and security of sensitive information.

Here are the pros of Using Evernote:

Generous Free Plan: Evernote Free offers a substantial set of features without requiring a paid subscription. This makes it accessible to a wide range of users with basic note-taking and organization needs.

Cross-Platform Accessibility: Evernote Free works seamlessly across various platforms and devices, ensuring that users can access their notes wherever they are.

Flexible Organization: Evernote doesn't impose a specific organizational structure on users. You can choose to create notebooks and tags or simply search for notes when needed, allowing for adaptable organization.

Web Clipper: The Web Clipper extension is a valuable tool for capturing online content, helping users curate information from the web effectively.

Collaboration: Even with the free version, users can collaborate with others by sharing notes and notebooks, which is particularly useful for group projects and teamwork.

Offline Access: The ability to download notes for offline access is a significant advantage for users who need their information on the go or in areas with unreliable internet connections.

Note Encryption: Evernote Free provides a level of security by allowing users to encrypt sensitive notes, safeguarding their privacy.

Search Capabilities: Evernote's robust search feature helps users quickly find specific information within their notes, saving time and improving productivity.

Overall, Evernote Free is a versatile note-taking and organization solution that caters to users' basic needs while offering a range of powerful features. Its accessibility, collaboration options, and flexibility make it a popular choice for individuals and small teams looking to stay organized and productive without the need for a premium subscription.

EverNote - Changelog:

14 features now available for all users (free and paying alike):

Notes: Note history & restore, offline notes & notebooks.

Attachments: PDF annotation, PDF export, business card scanning, spreadsheet preview.

Search: Document & image search, geographic search, boolean search.

Convenience: Email notes into Evernote, share notes via email, custom global keyboard shortcuts.

Customization: Customize the “create” button on Mobile, add custom templates.


The breadcrumbs now also include the title of a note.

Added alignment options for images within a note.


Resolved a problem where stacks were not displayed in the Notebook list during searches.

Addressed a conflict issue in Scratchpad.

Fixed Tags sorting issues in the new UI.

Size: 378.47 MB


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