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Evernote Free is a popular note-taking and organization application that offers a range of features to help individuals capture, organize, and manage their digital information. While it has a premium subscription option, the free version provides a robust set of tools for users to enhance their productivity and stay organized...

Features of Evernote:

Note Creation:

Evernote Free allows users to create and edit notes, supporting various content types, including text, images, audio recordings, PDFs, and documents.

Cross-Platform Compatibility:

Users can access their Evernote notes and data on a wide range of devices, including smartphones, tablets, computers, and web browsers. It offers seamless synchronization to ensure notes are always up to date.

Organization Tools:

Evernote provides tools for tagging, categorizing, and organizing notes. Users can create notebooks and use tags to structure their content and easily locate specific information.

Search Functionality:

The application offers powerful search capabilities, providing quick and accurate results as users type. It can even search within scanned documents and images.

Web Clipper:

Evernote's Web Clipper browser extension allows users to save web articles, pages, screenshots, and other online content directly to their Evernote account for later reference.


Users can collaborate with others by sharing individual notes or entire notebooks. This is beneficial for group projects, brainstorming, and sharing ideas.

Reminders and Alerts:

Evernote Free includes a reminder feature, enabling users to set due dates and receive notifications for important tasks and notes.

Offline Access:

Notes can be downloaded for offline access, ensuring users can view and edit their content even without an internet connection.

Note Encryption:

Users can password-protect individual notes to enhance the privacy and security of sensitive information.

Here are the pros of Using Evernote:

Generous Free Plan:

Evernote Free offers a substantial set of features without requiring a paid subscription. This makes it accessible to a wide range of users with basic note-taking and organization needs.

Cross-Platform Accessibility:

Evernote Free works seamlessly across various platforms and devices, ensuring that users can access their notes wherever they are.

Flexible Organization:

Evernote doesn't impose a specific organizational structure on users. You can choose to create notebooks and tags or simply search for notes when needed, allowing for adaptable organization.

Web Clipper:

The Web Clipper extension is a valuable tool for capturing online content, helping users curate information from the web effectively.


Even with the free version, users can collaborate with others by sharing notes and notebooks, which is particularly useful for group projects and teamwork.

Offline Access: The ability to download notes for offline access is a significant advantage for users who need their information on the go or in areas with unreliable internet connections.

Note Encryption:

Evernote Free provides a level of security by allowing users to encrypt sensitive notes, safeguarding their privacy.

Search Capabilities:

Evernote's robust search feature helps users quickly find specific information within their notes, saving time and improving productivity.

Overall, Evernote Free is a versatile note-taking and organization solution that caters to users' basic needs while offering a range of powerful features. Its accessibility, collaboration options, and flexibility make it a popular choice for individuals and small teams looking to stay organized and productive without the need for a premium subscription.

EverNote - Changelog:

New Features:

Introducing the ability to pin one or more notes to the top of a notebook.


Performance improvements and miscellaneous bug fixes.

Here's how to use Evernote:

1. Sign Up and Install

  • Head over to Evernote's website or app store and create an account. You can use your email address or sign up with Google.
  • Download the Evernote app for your devices (phone, computer, tablet) to access your notes anywhere.

2. Organize with Notebooks

  • Think of notebooks as folders for your notes. Create notebooks for different purposes like work, personal, hobbies, etc.
  • Click the "New Notebook" button and give it a relevant name. You can create multiple notebooks.

3. Take Notes

  • Click "New Note" or the "+" button to start a new note. Choose the notebook where you want to save it.
  • Evernote isn't just for text! You can add images, web clippings, audio recordings, PDFs, and more.
  • Use the formatting options to bold, italicize, or highlight text for better organization.

4. Tagging for Easy Search

  • Add tags (keywords) to your notes to categorize them. Click the tag icon and enter relevant keywords.
  • For example, a recipe note can have tags like "Italian", "Vegetarian", or "Dinner".
  • You can later search for notes by their tags.

5. Finding Information Quickly

  • Evernote has a powerful search function. Use keywords from your notes or tags to find specific information.
  • You can also filter notes by notebook or creation date.

Bonus Tips

  • Web Clipper: Evernote offers a web clipper extension for most browsers. Clip interesting articles or webpages directly into your Evernote account.
  • Templates: Use built-in templates or create your own for meeting notes, to-do lists, or project plans.
  • Collaboration: Share notebooks with colleagues or friends for real-time collaboration (available in paid plans).

Download EverNote:

Size: 401.00 MB