SecureAPlus screenshot

SecureAPlus is personalised malware protection, it protects home devices from the increasing number of security threats WITHOUT forcing you to be a cybersecurity expert...

SecureAPlus is designed in a way that it will never trust, and always verify. That means, any threats that fall outside the standard 99% detection, are denied-by-default and recommended actions will be provided.

This zero-trust model is in stark contrast with competitive approaches which apply blanket rules to detected threats, such as delete or quarantine, which can have unintended consequences.

SecureAPlus not only builds a personalised ‘allow-list’ based on how you use your device, but it extends the detection capabilities to overcome advanced persistent threats that can cause irreparable damage.

Using machine learning, SecureAPlus detects unseen and suspicious mutated malware variants that are usually undetectable.

Protection from the known and unknown
The multiple anti-virus cloud engines in SecureAPlus make it possible to detect unknown malware that an anti-virus solution will overlook till its next routine update.

Unlike the sea of anti-virus options on the market, SecureAPlus is compatible with your existing anti-virus software thereby allowing you to get protection from both known and unknown malware.


SecureAPlus - Changelog:

Bugs fixed:
Fixed BSOD after Windows 10 May Cumulative Update.
Memory leak in VASvc.

Updated German translation.
Improvement in Universal AV process.

Size: 307.31 MB