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AppCheck Anti-Ransomware

AppCheck Anti-Ransomware is a software program designed to protect your computer from ransomware attacks. It uses a combination of techniques to detect and prevent ransomware from encrypting your files, holding them hostage for a ransom payment...

Key Features:

Real-time Behavior Detection: AppCheck utilizes a Context-Aware Ransomware Behavior Detection Engine (CARB engine) that analyzes applications and processes in real-time to identify suspicious behavior indicative of ransomware activity. This signature-less approach allows it to detect even new and unknown ransomware variants.

Automatic File Recovery: In case ransomware slips through the cracks, AppCheck can automatically recover your encrypted files from a secure backup it creates. This feature, called Ransom Shelter, helps minimize damage and restore your data quickly.

Malware Removal: AppCheck also includes a built-in anti-malware module that can detect and remove other types of malicious software, such as viruses, spyware, and adware. This provides additional layers of protection for your system.

Vulnerability Protection: AppCheck Pro (the paid version) adds real-time vulnerability detection and defense to the mix. This feature helps identify and patch vulnerabilities in your system before they can be exploited by ransomware or other attackers.

Backup and Restore: AppCheck Pro also offers automatic backup and restore functionality, allowing you to schedule regular backups of your important files and settings. This provides an additional safety net in case of ransomware attacks or other data loss incidents.

Lightweight and User-friendly: AppCheck is designed to be lightweight and resource-friendly, meaning it won't slow down your computer. It also has a user-friendly interface that makes it easy to manage its settings and monitor its activity.

Additional Features:

Scheduled Scans: You can schedule regular scans to proactively check for ransomware and other threats.

Quarantine: Suspicious files can be quarantined to prevent them from harming your system.

Whitelist: You can add trusted applications to a whitelist to prevent them from being flagged as suspicious.

Alert Notifications: AppCheck will notify you of any suspicious activity or detected threats.

Free vs. Pro:

AppCheck comes in two versions:

Free: The free version offers basic ransomware protection with real-time behavior detection, automatic file recovery, and anti-malware functionality.

Pro: The paid version adds vulnerability protection, automatic backup and restore, and additional advanced features.

AppCheck Anti-Ransomware is a comprehensive and effective anti-ransomware solution that offers excellent protection for your personal computer. Its signature-less detection, automatic recovery, and additional features make it a valuable tool for anyone looking to safeguard their data from ransomware attacks.

Things to consider:

While the free version provides good basic protection, the Pro version offers additional features that may be valuable for users who need more advanced security.

It is recommended to use AppCheck alongside a traditional antivirus program for comprehensive protection.

AppCheck Anti-Ransomware - Changelog:

Fixed a security vulnerability issue.

Size: 13.92 MB


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